Take back your week

Tired of feeling defeated on Friday?

Where the stack of work to get done is bigger than what got finished. You dread next week before the weekend even begins.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

I help security leaders deliver recognized business value

Go big or go home, right?

Security is hard. Security is complex. And security is increasingly on a bigger stage. As such, you take on those big goals to make a big difference. The projects you know will improve security. 

You know it won’t be easy. 

You work hard. You work late nights, and steal time from your family on the weekends. Your team does, too. But everyone steps up and gets it done. For a brief moment, you feel good about it. Then comes time to explain what you did to the business. 

If your effort is not recognized, did you deliver business value?

This is like asking if a tree falls and no one is there to hear it if it makes a sound. I don’t know about the tree, but I know that if the business is unable to recognize your results as valuable, you did not deliver business value. 

Frustrating for sure. And for some, it creates a cycle of setting even bigger goals and pressing even harder - only to end up the same way. But now with more friction, less value, less trust, and people burning out. 

What if you created more  value, not more work?

There are three steps to delivering recognized business value -- without creating more work: 

  1. Validate and clarify business priorities — and your role in achieving them
  2. Demonstrate progress, with proof of value
  3. Deliver results -- recognized as business value -- with a better story that communicates what counts 

This might appear simple, and it is. That doesn’t make it easy. We need to execute these simple steps while battling the Tyranny of the Urgent, the unholy trinity of chaos, friction, and resistance, and dealing with the complexity of security and organizational change. 

What problems are you trying to solve?

Some problems are masked by complexity. Or it's hard to figure out where to start. It's okay, I know how to help. It starts with a short, easy conversation. Let's find time to talk --> 

About Me

I’m driven by the simple fact that people are getting crushed and feeling defeated. They don’t deserve it. Their teams, friends, and family don’t deserve it either. None of us do. And it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Worse, the consistent feeling of defeat disconnects people from their value. If we don’t see our value, no one will. It’s a vicious cycle that leads to bad things. When we see our value, others see it, too. 

Michael Santarcangelo

Advisor, catalyst, steward

I believe in creating more value, not more work.

Clients count on me as a trusted advisor that brings insider experience with an outsider perspective that gets to know the environment, team, and situation. The catalyst that eases the process of change by lowering friction and removing barriers that erode value and destroy trust. A steward of your program that minds the transitions, mines the information, and helps you elevate your team. 

I’m a calming force that instills the confidence you need with the right amount of energy when you need it most -- helping you deliver recognized business value. 

James C.

CISO, B2b services

As James explained...

 "We're constantly reacting. It's overwhelming... "
"...but then I work with you, Michael, and you have this ability to cut through the noise. You pinpoint the right problems to solve and help me get the space to make it happen. And I love how you make my team better."