I help security leaders deliver recognized business value.  


What I Do

The security leaders I work with don't need help with security or solving problems. They need help working through the complexity and chaos at the intersection of people, technology, and business. 

Security leaders today are plagued by:

No Time

to think, plan, or execute

Complexity, constant change, and higher expectations combine to create chaos, friction, and resistance. 

Too Many "priorities"

masking REAL problems

Too many conflicting 'priorities' and urgent interruptions get in the way of solving the right problems, right now

Proving Value

AND demonstrating results

Struggle to show security is aligned to the business and improving to get the budget and support we need

Our success is determined by how well we execute and the value we create. 

It’s all about solving the right problems, right now. 

The roadblocks derailing your efforts are outside of security. You know how to lead your team and solve security problems.

Security is on a bigger stage. 

We are dealing with increasing complexity, constant change, and higher demands of our teams. The resulting chaos and friction are part of our new normal as our organizations adapt. 

This is where I come in.  

     And I love how you make my team better     

A security leader I work with explained it this way:

The current pace puts us in a mode where we're constantly reacting. It's overwhelming. 

"But then I work with you, Michael, and you have this ability to cut through the noise. You pinpoint the right problems to solve and help me get the space to make it happen. And I love how you make my team better."

J.C., CISO for Midmarket B2B Services Company

About Michael Santarcangelo

I'm driven by a simple purpose: I love it when people see something great in themselves that inspires them to realized untapped potential and create a story worth celebrating. 

As a security leader, aren't you tired of being told what you're doing wrong? 

I offer you fresh eyes. A way to see your situation as it is -- with an emphasis on your value. We shift perspective. Then we explore the right pathway for you to solve the right problems right now. 

Think of me as the security leader’s catalyst. As your catalyst to reduce friction and speed the path to value. 

I got dubbed “the catalyst” two-decades ago because of my ability to solve complex security problems at the intersection of people, business, and technology. 

On my journey I became a professional speaker, wrote a book, penned a syndicated column, hosted multiple podcasts, and helped thousands prepare for their technical and professional security certifications. I’ve served as a board member, executive leader, and built credibility with marketing and sales teams (no joke - ask me about it).  

I just helped a CISO align the security team to the organization using our Guidance System.

After the meeting, the CEO exclaimed to the CISO “You’re the first person who gets it! ” The CEO then offered complete support -- including budget.

The board followed suit, including a personal visit -- and vote of confidence -- from the Chair of the Board. 

It Starts With a Conversation

Maybe you've listened to me on a podcast, read my work, trained with me or just know me from industry contacts. And you wondered if I could help you.

Stop wondering. I can help.

It starts with a conversation. You’ll find out I’m just like I seem.

And together we’ll define the path to your better tomorrow.

Your best next step: look at your calendar and set a time for us to talk.

It'll be worth your time. 

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I am located in Myrtle Beach, SC

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