November 22


A side-thought on the Sony Rootkit

I just realized that I find it very amusing that the debacle that has arisen from the rootkit(s) installed by Sony has called so much attention to a message that those of us in the security world have been repeating for slightly more than a decade:

Disable the Windows “feature” called Autoplay (also Autorun).

This is what makes installation programs begin automatically when a CD is inserted in the drive, and, as has been revealed by Sony’s anti-customer actions, this software does not always have to be for your benefit.

Here’s the Microsoft article on how to disable Autoplay/Autorun:;en-us;126025

Also, a quick discussion of Rootkits, and how to tell if you’ve got one:

And, a link directly to RootKit Revealer, widely considered the best utility out there for rootkit detection on Windows:


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Tired of feeling defeated on Friday?

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