October 23


Catalyst on the move

I know some of you don’t care to ever meet me in person, which is cool (even though I shower daily!). For those of you who do, I am heading to Denver this evening and will be there until Wednesday afternoon.

On Wednesday, I’m heading out to Seattle to work with a new client and talk to some others.

In both cities, I’ll have some time for an impromptu happy hour or gathering – so if you’d like to meet me in person, drop me an email: securitycatalyst [at] gmail [dot] com.

Also, I was toying with the idea of providing a free lunch and learn session in each city (Wednesday for Denver and Friday for Seattle). If you have a company that might benefit and could pull it together on short notice, you’ll get a chance to work with me if we can make our schedules match. See Security 2.0 in action!

Well, safe travels, and hopefully a podcast this week!


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