January 24

Catalyst to address Cornell Entrepreneur Network

Michael Santarcangelo, CISSP, and host of the Security Catalyst will be addressing the Cornell Entrepreneur Network (CEN) in NYC on Wednesday, January 25, 2006. He will be presenting an interactive program called “Security in an Unsecured World.” Hopefully you can attend.

Here is a brief program overview:

Security in an Unsecured World
Are your worried about your children using the Internet? Are you afraid to bank online? Do you know whom to trust for answers?

We read and hear stories about security breaches affecting our privacy and threatening our shopping, children and Internet experiences on a daily basis. The media has done an excellent job of convincing us something is wrong – but what can we do about it?

Join Michael for an engaging and energetic conversation where he will share the insights he has gained in the trenches. He will explain the top issues we face today in a language everyone can understand and provide you with simple steps you can follow to protect your family and yourself.

I’m excited to offer this program and expect a candid and thoughful conversation that helps improve the way we all think about and handle security issues.

Here is the link: http://cen.cornell.edu/article.php?sid=261


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