December 1

Catalyst Weekly Rewind (Dec 1) – two sides of human kindness

Did you get a chance to read what I created and curated last week?

The weekly rewind is a brief look at last week — the work I published, articles I curated, and insights in where I’m focusing some energy — all in one place. A few of the curated articles (on Friday) really stood out to me; definitely worth a read.

I always welcome the opportunity to connect over good conversation. Have a great week.

Quote of the week

Believe everyone has something they can teach you to make your life better.

Created: What I published this week

I took the week to enjoy time with family – which means it was a light week of publishing. However, we did publish a podcast worth checking out:

DtSR Episode 120 – Hacking the Human (again) – engaging conversation with Chris Hadnagy.

Curated: The articles I shared via social media

I try to find and share 3-5 articles a day across social media. My focus tends to be on communication, value, measurement, and leadership challenges of transformation and performance. My interest is looking for ways to grow and improve.

Here is the list of what I curated and shared last week.

The Power of Kindness (and One Surefire Way to Know If You “Get” Mindfulness)

The Habits of Highly Productive Writers

Tony Robbins Shares His 3 Best Public Speaking Tips

Let me know which of these you liked best. I always welcome suggestions for articles and ideas to share!

Back with a full slate of publishing and sharing this week — with plenty to share next Monday.


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