December 22

Catalyst Weekly Rewind (Dec 22) – your story, your coalition of talent

Sometimes the weeks fly by (even as the clock drags on). If that happened to you (or even if it didn’t), take a moment to rewind and check out the best of last week.

Here’s a quick listing of the content I created (and published) as well as the 20 or so articles that inspired me — and I shared for our mutual benefit. In the event you missed any last week, now is your chance to skim through to pick out the what works for you. I always welcome the opportunity to connect over good conversation.

I’m using the next few weeks to work on my own (company) transformation and look forward to sharing with you soon!

Quote of the week

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. – Henry Ford

Created: published last week

As I winded down some client efforts that took a lot of creation cycles, I worked back into sharing ideas publicly. Last week even included two articles at CSO (both aimed at advancing your career and improving your leadership):

CSO Tapping into overlooked talent to improve your security career a quick look at some effective ways to build a coalition of talent with the mutual benefit of improving each other. As an added bonus, working with people outside security actually improves your practice of security.

CSO What story are security leaders telling themselves? A few weeks ago I asked leaders what story they told others. Since then, I realized that the stories we tell ourselves dramatically impact the stories we tell others. Most of us need to change the story we tell ourselves – and I shared some thoughts on why and how.

DTSR Podcast DtSR Episode 123 – NewsCast for December 15th, 2014 we talk Sony (naturally), but also some other stories you might have missed. We include our usual take on the issues from an IT leader and business-minded security professional perspective.

Security Weekly – honored to be a guest on the 400th!! episode of Security Weekly. I was on near the end of the day to talk breaches; specifically a different set of questions we need to ask ourselves. It’s not posted yet — so I’ll update the link again next week. You can look for it here:

Curated: articles shared via social media

I generally share 3-5 articles a day across social media. Most are focused on the leadership challenges of prioritization, measurement, and communication of value. My interest is looking for ways to grow and improve.

Here is the list of what I curated and shared last week.


5 steps for structuring an ideal work day

David Rockwell’s Secret To Creativity? Asking “What If”

5 Things Professional Keynote Speakers Do Differently From Amateur Public Speakers

Take The ‘Old School’ Design Out Of PowerPoint


Media Interview Skills: Why Silence Is Not Always Golden

5 Effective Ways to Incorporate TED Talks into the Learning Experience

Want to Improve Your Public Speaking? Read These 3 Books

Why Being Busy Isn’t Cool

Don’t Waste Your Two Golden Hours of Productivity


What your product demo is really about, and how to fix the busted one you’ve got now

20 Best PowerPoint Presentations That You Can’t Miss

Why hold sales training off-site?

No, I Won’t Share My Slides and You Shouldn’t Ask

7 Step Process to Plan for Silence in Your Speaking


12 Best Practices For Speaking In Front Of A Big Crowd

This Is Why You Don’t Have a Mentor

Drucker’s 9 Practices of Effective Leaders

How Do You Close A Presentation?

Inside My Body Language Briefcase – Part 3


Flipped-Learning Toolkit: Getting Everybody On Board

Creative Student Projects Synthesize Learning

The two biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make

6 Tips To Stay Productive During The Holidays

Solutions To The 5 Most Common Productivity Roadblocks

Let me know which of these you liked best. I always welcome suggestions for articles and ideas to share!


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