December 8

Catalyst Weekly Rewind (Dec 8) – are you really telling stories?

Was last week so awesome you want to live it again? Or maybe you’d prefer a do-over.

Let’s rewind.

Start this week off right by taking a moment to review the best of last week. This is a quick listing of what I published, the articles I curated, and then some insights about where I’m focusing energy.

I always welcome the opportunity to connect over good conversation.

Have a great week. Go own it!

Quote of the week

Everyone you meet has something to teach you.

Created: What I published this week

Curated: The articles I shared via social media

I generally share 3-5 articles a day across social media. Most are focused on the leadership challenges of prioritization, measurement, and communication of value. My interest is looking for ways to grow and improve.

Here is the list of what I curated and shared last week.


Understanding “New Power”

An Opening Pitch Line That Will Instantly Make You More Likable

The Kaizen Way: How to Master Creativity by Asking Small Questions

Minted CEO Mariam Naficy On The Lost Art Of Memorization


The Discipline of Business Experimentation

How to Give a Stellar Presentation

The Leadership Playbook: Five Cool Things Leaders Do

How to Turn LinkedIn Contacts Into Real-Life Connections

How To Make Yourself Indispensable At Work


Whose Fault Was It?

The Science Of Politely Ending A Conversation

How to Train Your Voice to Be More Charismatic

3 things you should never say to a reporter

How To Give The Perfect Pitch


Why Speakers Need A Leadership Voice

The Ultimate End-of-Year Tipping Guide: Who To Tip, How Much And Other Rules

Minted CEO Mariam Naficy On The Lost Art Of Memorization

The easiest way to get more done? Work fewer hours.

This 15-Minute Activity Will Make You More Successful At Work


Business model boss: Reinvent or die

3 Ways To Get Along With That Irritating Coworker

Learning New Things Means Getting Up From Your Desk

What Happens When You Put Values Front And Center In Your Business

How To Manage Remote Workers Like They’re Right In The Office

Let me know which of these you liked best.

I always welcome suggestions for articles and ideas to share!


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