November 24

Catalyst Weekly Rewind (Nov 24) – more value, less time

Did you get a chance to read what I created and curated last week?

The weekly rewind is a brief look at last week — the work I published, articles I curated, and insights in where I’m focusing some energy — all in one place. A few of the curated articles (on Friday) really stood out to me; definitely worth a read.

I always welcome the opportunity to connect over good conversation. Have a great week.

Quote of the week

“The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be easily broken.” -Samuel Johnson

Created: What I published this week

Successful leaders use the value of time to boost security team results


DtR 119 – NewsCast for November 17th, 2014 — the every-other week discussion of the top news in security; focused on what leaders and business-oriented practitioners need to know. This week we covered breaches, government action, payment cards… and more.

Curated: The articles I shared via social media

I try to find and share 3-5 articles a day across social media. My focus tends to be on communication, value, measurement, and leadership challenges of transformation and performance. My interest is looking for ways to grow and improve.

Here is the list of what I curated and shared last week.


Master These 4 Simple Pitching Concepts to Capture a Room’s Attention

So, do you start sentences with ‘so’? If so …

The Science of Memorable Presentations

2 Easy Changes That Will Stress-Proof Your Brain


Gestures and Preaching

Strong Character Is Built Through Significant Challenge

SOURCE: Here’s The ‘Dirty Little Secret’ Of Microsoft’s Cloud Business



Debunking 7 Common Public Speaking Tips That Do More Harm Than Good

Do You Think You Could You Do A Better Job Than Your Manager?

The best leaders get comfortable with being uncomfortable


(crazy day)


The Common Traits Of The Most Successful People

How Old Brains Learn New Tricks – no excuses, we can all learn.

The 6 people who shouldn’t be coaching you for your next speech

20 Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Why It Is Time to Kill the Webinar — don’t confuse the medium with the message

Powerful find (last minute edition): This Coach Improved Every Tiny Thing by 1 Percent and Here’s What Happened

Let me know which of these you liked best. I always welcome suggestions for articles and ideas to share!

What I’m working on – opportunities

In the Spotlight: Hosting an educational series for Damballa University to explore how to align the mindset of “assume breach” with the actions necessary to improve detection and response. The program uses a different format – some content to prepare, a conversation, and a reflection column. No charge to join, and as a series, plenty of time to catch up.

Custom Workshop: Based on demand, I’m developing a highly flexible one-day onsite workshop. It’s a mix of hands-on exercises, instruction, and facilitated conversation. The experience infuses energy, a shift in perspective, and brings people together, focused on a result.

Catalyst 5×5™: a rapid method to capture, distill, and effectively communicate value. Connect with a strong signal, start a conversation with a clear message. More details soon.



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