November 17

Catalyst Weekly Rewind – Value in time and passwords

As we start another week, take a moment to pause, rewind, and replay the highlights from last week. This captures the work I published, elements I shared, and offers some insights in where I’m focusing some energy.

Connection, context, and conversation are encouraged!

Quote of the week

This week I came across a word that really resonated with me:

meraki: (verb) do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work

I hope you get to experience some this week!

Created: What I published this week

To increase value, you need to know what your time is really worth — my second post on LinkedIn, based on an exercise I use in my speaking, training, and advisor programs. Sometimes humbling, knowing what our time is worth allows us to make better decisions. Let me know what you think.

After this judge’s ruling, do you finally see value in passwords? — An interesting ruling that sorted out the difference between biometrics and passwords. The real gem is the legal analysis and insight from Shawn Tuma – check out what he had to say.


DtR Episode 118 – Demystifying Threat Intelligence – a fascinating chat with Crowdstrike; I thought the last 10 minutes was the most revealing. Do you agree?

Some other work you might be interested in

Last week launched a 5-part series with Damballa University to explore what it takes to bridge the gap between our mindset of “assume breach” and our actions (hint: they don’t entirely match up yet). It draws on my “content-structured conversation” approach, and you’re invited (no charge or obligation) to join in the journey:

Curated: The articles I shared via social media

I try to find and share 3-5 articles a day across social media. My focus tends to be on communication, value, measurement, and leadership challenges of transformation and performance. My interest is looking for ways to grow and improve.

Here is the list of what I curated and shared last week.


Overcoming the Barriers to Decision Making

Performing horizontal eye movement exercises can boost your creativity

Best Advice I Ever Got: Keep It Simple and Tell Your Truth


***  What An In-House Career Coach Can Do For Your Company  I loved this article because of the importance of realizing sometimes we all need a coach

7 Communication Skills Every Entrepreneur Must Master

5 Secrets to Crafting the Perfect Startup Story

Four Better Ways To Speak From a Script (If You Must)


Top 20 Presentation and Public Speaking Blogs (2014 edition)

How To Keep Your Keynote Brief

5 Ways to Negotiate What You Want For Your Career


How to Make Your Presentations Better Without Opening Your Mouth

10 Ways to Fine-Tune Your Presentation Skills

Sophos CEO: We’re betting entirely on the cloud


How Relearning Old Concepts Alongside New Ones Makes It All Stick

Listening To Your Body Clock Can Make You More Productive And Improve Your Well-Being

Why No One Noticed That You’ve Changed for the Better

35 Sweet Side Effects of Parenting

Elite Presenters and the Art of Small Improvements

Let me know which of these you liked best. I always welcome suggestions for articles and ideas to share!



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