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Are you using frameworks properly?

The concept of frameworks gets bantered about frequently. So much that often the actual substance in focus is less framework and more… well, I don’t know. Let’s call it an attempt to define how people should get things done. The confusion over frameworks gets us into trouble. The Straight Talk Framework is a system for success. […]

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Leadership and communication are actually layers, not levels

Straight Talk is a system for success. An open, transparent, and consistent method to get results. It’s the most rapid, complete way I know to develop the foundation for exceptional leadership and powerful communication. Straight Talk is a way to clarify focus, prioritize effort, and gain confidence in the best next step. Better decisions, faster, […]

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You need to embrace Straight Talk as more than communication to unlock the value

What is Straight Talk? Look it up (and move past the wireless plan in the US) to confirm Straight Talk is a direct, plain, and honest manner of speaking. We love it when someone talks straight. It’s refreshing. But it’s just a different way to communicate, right? Not everyone is ready for Straight Talk, are they? […]

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Leadership Class 2: Take 2 – a better experience for you

Cohort 2 of the Straight Talk Leadership Experience Launched this week. I’ve had some great conversations with interested leaders. A few teams signing up right now. And this morning I had a realization (on how to make this better). Let’s try this again. Allow me a second chance to explain the program better and welcome […]

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How the Straight Talk Leadership Experience 300% value guarantee works

Value is imperative. It’s a concept I’ve written about, spoken about, and trained leaders on. Value is an essential component of the Straight Talk Framework. And now I offer a 300% value guarantee for the Straight Talk Leadership Experience.  Let me explain why I’m offering it and how it works. Just this brief intro is useful to […]

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