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Elevating and accelerating individuals and teams on their path to exceptional leadership

Let me help you get the Straight Talk you need to prove your leadership

I’m on a mission to help security leaders earn the respect they deserve while getting the support they need to improve security. The challenge of earning respect for your leadership isn’t as easy as reading a book or taking a course. While those are good steps, it takes action that gets recognized, even sought out. […]

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Use these five simple questions to prove exceptional leadership

I love questions. If you’ve been around me, that’s no surprise. The practice of asking questions is rich. It includes asking, answering, and even assessing. It relies on listening. Often I learn the most when I listen to what isn’t said. I’ve gotten a lot of awesome feedback on the release of the Straight Talk […]

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Are you ready to improve security and earn respect for your leadership?

Most security leaders get recognized for technical talent instead of their leadership. How about you? Are you valued for your leadership? Do your executives consider you qualified to lead in any other part of the organization? Or are you the “security resource”… with a team? The reality for most security leaders is a weird limbo […]

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Use straight talk to increase your value as a leader

Ready for some straight talk on your leadership? Let’s start with a gut check question: Are you valued for your leadership as much as your technical competence? Or does your organization consider you a leader or just the security person… with a team? Survey says… most answer “the security person.” It’s confirmed by perception surveys […]

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