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“What is Straight Talk” – explained on the EIS Podcast, Part 1

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Timothy DeBlock about the Straight Talk Framework. You can check it out here: Tim opened with a solid question about mindset. I think you’ll like the answer. Overall, we engaged in a solid discussion about what Straight Talk is, how it works, and who it’s for. We talked […]

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Santarcangelo on Connecting Security to the Business • Interview on

Anthony M. Freed recently interviewed me on my work to change behaviors by making security make sense. Specifically, the questions focused on how to effectively communicate value and he even got me to share some insights from the upcoming Master the Value Imperative. I enjoyed the process and appreciate the opportunity to share my passion […]

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The question that clarified my purpose to engage people and effectively communicate value

As the fog lifts, my journey continues with a sense of clarity and purpose. It’s exciting, invigorating, and feels like starting over again. This post shares details from my three-year journey, introduces my focus on effectively communicating value and explains my vision to benefit those struggling to address challenges related to people, value and communication. […]

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Security Awareness Roundtable: How to Transform Security Awareness Month

October is declared “security awareness month.” For some, it’s a day, others a week. For many, it’s a concept that provides little benefit. During the roundtable in July, we defined “security awareness” (recording at link) – an individual’s realization of the consequences of their actions with the ability to assess intention and impact. So does […]

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