October 9


Change is Good: Part I


Change your thoughts and you change your world.
— Norman Vincent Peale

It has been a year of change at The Security Catalyst.

First we changed our thinking about what our contribution to information protection should be. Then we changed our offerings. We invested in a solid foundation, built the infrastructure for delivery and now we’re rolling out the results. Over the next two months you will notice:

• new products and toolkits
• more online services
• adaptable, cost-saving bundles of our offerings
• a new website
• enriched blogging with more analysis, research, perspectives and updates on my training for the Iron Man (specifically as it relates to information protection).
• the work of new team members
Quite simply, our focus and research put us at the intersection where information becomes understanding and enables us to change the way people protect information.

Watch for ‘Change is Good: Part II’ next week.


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