February 4


CIPP Exam – 1st Entry

Hi Everyone,

As many of you know, Michael and I are deeply interested in issues of technology, security, and the law. My interest in privacy has developed alongside my exposure to information security and the harm that is caused by data breaches. My time in law school has pushed me to analyze some of the challenges that have arisen with internet usage and it has made me more aware of how the law needs to catch up with our continued loss of privacy protections. I fundamentally believe that the danger is not technology. Rather the danger is that we as a country need to have a serious and honest debate about what type of information we expect to be protected.

Since starting down this path, I learned from people in the legal and security field about the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). The IAPP trains individuals from all types of industries on the current state of U.S. and international laws and offers certifications in information privacy. Since most academic institutions, including mine, do not offer a full course on privacy matters, I have decided to educate myself on privacy laws. The CIPP is recommended for intermediate-level privacy professionals who have some background in privacy laws. Fortunately, I haven taken enough classes that the subject matter will not be completely new to me but will let me build on my current knowledge.

As a contributor on this site, Michael and I felt that it would be interest to discuss my experience studying for the exam and how it relates to current trends or problems. If there are others out there that can also share what they are doing to prepare for the exam or how they passed it, please contact us.

Talk to you soon!!!


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