July 29

Curated Catalyst for July 28 – workplace ADD, packaging, and overconfidence

Thanks for the great conversations on twitter last week as a result of the curated catalyst and other articles.

Let’s do it again.
Thought for the week:
To tell people what to do without showing them how is a recipe for failure.
I shared that thought earlier this week on twitter to get the quick, one-word responses of “google” and “youtube.” I walked into those, and they were good for a laugh.
The reality is that the challenges we face go beyond content and delivery. It’s time to start to reconsider how we share our craft with others for our mutual benefit.
Here are three articles selected to stimulate some thinking — and discussion — on how we might draw on other fields to change our approaches.


Keep reading at: http://blogs.csoonline.com/security-leadership/2721/curated-catalyst-july-28-workplace-add-packaging-and-overconfidence to find out the three articles I selected for this week, and why I think they matter. Take a moment to reflect, share, and then let me know what you think by email, comment, or twitter.



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