Cutaway sent me a great letter this morning about Security 2.0, and has it posted to his blog. You can (and should) read it here:

What I really liked about his wording and approach was the concept of “threat source” and how we need to focus on education and other ways to combat the threat sources. I think that most, if not all, of us would agree that technology plays a role in securing our future – but I believe we have been relying on it too much. The end result of this reliance on technology is a total lack of responsibility and accountability which leads to blaming the technology and those who selected it.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

I’ve mentioned (or dangled) my new “Effective Assurance” experience a few times. I’ll start creating an overview podcast – since we now have proof that engaging employees in a dialogue of empowerment and teaching them the skills and practices they need to take back responsibility works! Ideally, some of you will be able to hire me and we can work on proving it out together (and then you’ll enjoy rock-star status); but I’ll freely share what I have learned if it helps us all improve. I built effective assurance based on my research into Security 2.0 – and consider it to be the first offering in the suite of Security 2.0 solutions.
Cutaway get’s it – and is willing to talk about it, think about it and improve it.

I’ve started working to expand Security 2.0 – and will soon be talking more about it, writing about it and eventually speaking about it. The future is here.

I’m glad Cutaway is with us, and hope you are too!

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