September 19


DHS Cyber-Security Chief – A Bold Start, or merely a box checked?

It was reported today in eWeek that DHS has named a cybersecurity chief, Gregory Garcia. I’d like to be among the first to welcome Mr. Garcia to the post.

I’m of mixed feelings of the importantance of the role and his ability to fulfill it. I’ve generally been underwhelmed with the performance of other cyber-security chiefs and how quickly they seem to lose the support of the DHS chain-of-command and end up bowing to the pressures of big business.

We need someone who is charasmatic and can educate! The problems we face in terms of cybersecurity are not problems of technology. We need to have, on a federal level, a strong leader that has such mastery of the depth and breadth of our profession that he can serve as an important ambassador and lead by example.

I’m an optimist, so maybe this time it will work out. I have a feeling it’ll be a bold year or two for Mr. Garcia and then he will be lured away to a high paying job someplace else. I hope Mr. Garcia proves me wrong and begins an open and honest dialogue with the professionals in our industry (including, and especially the bloggers and podcasters).  He can’t do it alone and I, for one, will work to support him if I can believe in the message and the approach.

I figure it’s easy to cast stones and point out what is broken. It’s generally more difficult to take a tough stand or support someone through a transition. I’ll lend my support and continue to advance Security 2.0 and other initiatives that will truly make a difference across sectors and unite our profession to make a more secure tomorrow.

Are you with me?  Mr. Garcia, are you with us? If so, we have your back.


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