Straight Talk Diagnosis 

A six-week program to clarify priorities, figure out how to get them done, and build the confidence of value needed to communicate and act.

Overcome overwhelm to demonstrate progress with proof of value

Don’t worry, there’s no risk or obligation for this brief conversation (not a sales call) with Michael. 

Not sure how to demonstrate the business value of security?

Security is increasingly on a bigger stage. The stakes are high and you feel the pressure. 

Now business challenges are security challenges. Conflicting priorities and constant overwhelm makes everything feel like a priority. When everything is a priority, nothing is. It’s hard enough to focus and even harder to get things done. That means operating at a pace we cannot sustain, causing us to deplete our personal and leadership capacity. 

Our success depends on our ability to deliver recognized business value.

We need to solve business problems and address real risk. It raises three key questions:  

  • What am I supposed to focus on? 
  • How am I going to get this done? 
  • How can I communicate this so others understand? 

These simple questions suggest the answers come easy. But they don’t. 

How much pressure is on you to get this right? 

Imagine knowing what to do, how to do it, and how to explain it

It’s a constant struggle to figure out what priorities need your attention. Every time you say yes to a request, you automatically say no to something else -- often your top priorities. Without clarity, you end up taking on too much and getting too little finished.  

We need to strip away all the noise to get a more complete, more accurate picture of the situation to: 

  • Identify, validate and clarify the top priorities 
  • Quickly discern the high-level pathway to demonstrate progress with proof of value 
  • Create the confidence to take directed action 
Imagine having the confidence to act decisively on delivering recognized business value. 

What if we could do in 6-8 weeks what usually takes you six months to a year? And what could you do with 10 months of time to execute with confidence?

Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice

The key to finding the right path forward starts with a diagnosis of your environment, situation, and team to: 

  • Strip away the noise to see the value 
  • Clarify the results the business needs 
  • Create more value instead of more work 

What could you do with a more accurate, complete picture? 

What the Straight Talk Diagnosis is like 

When we work together, I get invested in your success. I want you to see the value I see in you and your team. Working with me is described as the perfect infusion of energy and confidence when you need it most. 

I bring the insider experience and outsider perspective you need. This allows us to build bridges and strengthen connections. It also means tapping into my experience with different approaches and methods matched to your unique situation. 

How it works 

We work through five steps together: 

  • Calibration: Tailor the program for a successful and timely diagnosis. 
  • Discovery: interview key people and review documents & artifacts to identify, validate, and clarify value. We also look for potential obstacles, opportunities, and other useful insights.  
  • Diagnosis: Pinpoint the challenges and explore solutions, taking into account capacity, capability, and readiness. We determine what success looks like, how to measure and communicate value.  
  • Determination: Figure out the high-level path to value with enough detail to align resources and tools, make allocation decisions, and explain the program.  
  • Best Next Step: Energize the team to take the best next step and build the momentum necessary to get the effort started. 

Each step includes a facilitated workshop where we blend what I learn and see with what you know. This leaves you with a deeper understanding and total ownership over the path forward.

What you get

When we’re done with the Straight Talk Diagnosis, you’ll a collaborative experience that results in: 

  • Clarity on your top three (or less) priorities, complete with an understanding of success, measurement, and communication opportunities 
  • Validation of your value and what you and your team are capable of
  • A high-level understanding of how you’ll demonstrate progress with proof of value, based on your current capability, capacity, and environmental chaos, friction, and resistance
  • A short briefing deck to support your efforts to communicate with the confidence of value
  • The energy to take the best next steps and get the momentum started! 
This is the foundation to deliver recognized business value. 

Ready to get started?

Are you ready to deliver recognized business value? To clarify what is expected, figure out how to deliver it, and build the confidence to make it happen.

I get it, you don’t want a sales call. Good! Neither do I. The first step is a brief 20-minute conversation to introduce ourselves and explore if it makes sense to work through a complimentary Success Mapping Session -- my investment in you and how we might work together.

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein