September 20


Do we have privacy anymore?

As we continue to deal with breaches, compliance, privacy initiatives and awareness… we are still vexed by the nagging concern, “Do we have privacy anymore?”

Tomorrow, I’m moderating the September Security Round Table with a panel of experts, including: Martin McKeay, Rebecca Herold, Andrew Hay, Dr. Anton Chuvakin, Dan York

High Level Approach
Our focus is on exploring and addressing the questions of privacy. As we’re working on our outline, we’re preparing to address questions such as:

  • Definition of privacy
  • How have the attitudes of government and the populace changed privacy in the last decade?
  • Does the average end user understand privacy?
  • Online databases
  • What can we do today and can we recover the privacy we’ve lost (or never had)?

Your Chance to be Involved
What questions do you have? What do you want us to try to answer tomorrow? Send me your ideas, questions and suggestions to:
PS: Sorry for the late notice. We’ll have more lead time for October (awareness) and the upcoming programs.


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