August 31


Do you dance in the rain?

On my way home this evening, I drove through a driving thunder storm. Along the way, stopped at a red light, I saw a group of middle-school children dancing and laughing in the rain. It was a sharp contrast from the adults I saw a few blocks back scurrying away….

Sitting at the light, I wondered – would I dance in the rain, or would I scurry to get out of it? Thinking about the example I would set for my children, I realized:

I would dance in the rain; I will dance in the rain. You might call me crazy (if I wasn’t crazy, I would be insane – thanks Jimmy Buffett) – but absorbing and celebrating the moment is where passion is born. It’s where we can feel free, and we can be ourselves. I will appreciate and respect you for trying. Hopefully you’ll do the same for me; but if not, I’ll be confident that I am me…

During the rest of the drive, I realized it’s not much different for security. All-too-often, we’re so concerned with what people think, what they say, how we’re perceived that we focus all our energy of being someone or something else. We stopped living in the moment; we stopped having fun. We stopped “dancing in the rain.”

I feel like our industry is a bit tired right now. A lot of us feel frustrated and that perhaps the industry has lost it’s way. I’m an optimist – and I see a lot of opportunity. I dance in the rain, and I know that we’re able to make a difference. In the US, we’re heading into a long holiday weekend that marks the end of summer and the return to work, to projects and to our efforts. My wish for you this weekend is that you are able to take some time to refresh. Find your own way to dance in the rain (or sing in the shower).

Renew your passion for security. When you come back, I’ll be here with ideas and will share my research and experiences to support your organization, and to support you. We can dance in the rain together and change the way people protect information!


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