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DtR Security Newscast – the *real* end of XP, the google nest dance, and more breach

What started as a guest spot to share some insights on the Target breach has turned into a regular appearance on the Down the Rabbithole (DtR) Security Newscast with Raf Los (@Wh1t3Rabbit)  and James Jardine (@JardineSoftware). We record the DtR Newscast every other Monday to engage in spirited discussion about security topics in the news.

It marks a long-overdue return to podcasting for me. As a participant, I’m drawn to the combination of our energy and the ease with which we explore different perspectives. More bluntly, we don’t always run with the herd, and we’re happy to share. For me, that keeps it interesting. I think it will for you, too. We don’t always agree, but we’re agreeable, and tackling tough issues in enterprise security with an eye toward how our efforts impact the business.

I also think Raf and James have made a sport of finding topics to wind me up. As an added bonus, we’re trying to work on our segues a bit more… the show holds something for everyone. We work to keep it brief, entertaining, and useful.

Bottom line: it’s a fun outlet to share ideas, and I’d like to know what you think. If you like hearing me back on the mic, let me know. And let me/us know what we can do to make the effort more useful for you.

This week, we covered:

  • Windows XP and the “for real, serious” end of life. We explored it from a different angle. In fact, I was inspired to write about it here: The real security lesson Windows XP taught us is to challenge our assumptions
  • Google Nest recent automatic push update holds some interesting considerations for how we update systems now and in the future. Curious what you think...
  • South Carolina’s lack of coordinated security: it’s my home state, and found a recent report “curious” and wanted to share. I don’t think it’s unique, though.
  • The post-Snowden (you need to listen to Raf when I mention the name) impact of trust of government – and the silly paradox it created
  • More on the Target breach; seems like it wouldn’t be a show if we didn’t talk about Target. This time we tackle the lawsuits that were dropped – by looking at the broader implications as a result.

Show notes (official) here: http://podcast.wh1t3rabbit.net/dtr-episode-87-newscast-for-april-7th-2014

Direct link to the MP3 here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/ftwr/DtR_Episode_87_-_NewsCast_for_April_7th_2014.mp3

Consider this the invitation for discussion. Keep it going here, on Twitter (I’m @catalyst) or whatever works for you.

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