August 12

DtR Security Newscast: why CISOs get no respect, how many passwords?, and more


Recording the Security Newscasts is a real blast. Hopefully that comes through when you listen in!

I invite you to listen to the latest episode of the Down the Rabbithole (DtR) Security Newscast for August 11, 2014– with Raf Los (@Wh1t3Rabbit) and James Jardine (@JardineSoftware). We record the DtR Newscast every other Monday to engage in spirited discussion about security topics in the news.

More than a run-down of the news, it’s our unfiltered (but safe for work) discussion of top stories. We usually inject some passion and and some divergent thinking to fuel your week. This episode has a cool energy and flow that I think makes for a good listen. Let me know if you agree.

This week, we covered:

Take a listen and let me/us know how we did on the segues this episode:

Consider this the invitation for discussion

What we started on a Monday morning is just the start. Keep it going here, on Twitter (I’m @catalyst) or the different “neighborhoods” in which I hangout (check out the bar on the upper right). If you have a topic you want us to discuss on the next DtR Security Newscast, drop us a line.


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