October 21

Effective Communication and the Value of Cloud Security (Presentation)

Perplexed by the challenge of cloud security, let alone how to use effective communication to demonstrate the business value of taking an approach that secures information?

The rapid growth and adoption of cloud computing leads to sometimes confusing situations where security remains an afterthought.

At a time when everyone is expected to do more with less, the difference between success and failure hinges on effective communication. In fact, many people now realize the ability to communicate the value of security, and of their efforts, is the difference between career success and failure.

I recently considered how to cut through the confusion surrounding “cloud security” to use effective communication to demonstrate the business value of our efforts and shared some insights during the BrightTalk cloud security summit. Special thanks to Trend Micro, Symantec, Dave Shackleford and Lori MacVittie for sharing time, research and experience with me.

Blending their insights and experiences with my studies and models of how to effectively communicate value resulted in some interesting findings, including the need to translate our security experiences into the cloud is as (maybe more) important than selecting the right examples. The result is a 45-minute briefing, shared below.

Check out the recording here:
A BrightTALK Channel


I work to help harness the human side of security; without a doubt, the challenges we face in our journey to the cloud is less technical and more dependent on our ability to successfully communicate with each other, with decision makers and with our colleagues who use the solutions we design, deploy and maintain.

This presentation is only the beginning.

I continue to research, test and help industry, enterprise and individuals to improve how we distill and and effectively communicate the value of security.

How can I help you?

Reach out with comments, questions and suggestions or share your communication challenges with me and we can explore how to solve them together.


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