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Get started with the Straight Talk Framework

The Straight Talk Framework brings people together to knock down barriers and build connections. Take out the friction getting in the way of success to get results. It offers clarity of focus, priority of action, and confidence in the best next step.

Straight Talk – as a concept – is plain and simple language. Nothing fancy. Take out the jargon, big words, and fluff that causes confusion and frustration. Bring people together in a context that everyone understands.

It’s more than just a way to communicate (but it does that well, too).

Leaders use Straight Talk to organize thinking and guide action. A transparent and consistent way to bring people together. Give them a voice without wasting their time (or yours). Build confidence that leads to better decisions faster.

Why is Straight Talk important?

Constant change is our new normal. That means a lot of things happening at the same time – all demanding attention and action.

That means people are busy. We have less time to focus and do the deep work needed to lead change. And security (and technology) is complex. That creates a lot of misunderstanding and confusion.

That creates friction. A lot of friction. Friction erodes value.

The Straight Talk Framework solves problems where friction creeps in and destroys value. That’s because open, transparent structure, used consistently, is the antidote to friction.

Straight Talk is a way to bring people together and break down the barriers getting in the way of results. Build the connections needed for collaboration and lasting success.

Straight Talk works for individuals, teams, and organizations. Get clarity of focus, priority of action, and confidence in the best next step.

How do you get started with Straight Talk?

I offer free and paid programs. My paid programs come with a 300% value guarantee. I work with individuals and organizations who want to:

  • Learn the Straight Talk Framework
  • Apply the Straight Talk Framework to their pressing issue
  • Coach themselves or their teams to higher levels of performance

I’m getting ready to kick off Cohort 2 of the Straight Talk Leadership Experience next week.

Straight Talk Leadership Experience – Cohort 2

I created and launched the Straight Talk Leadership Experience this summer. The course actually flipped me from resisting online training to embracing it fully. I now consider this a better way to learn and apply the Straight Talk Framework.

Here’s why: we learn by doing.

The pure “consumption of information” model of most online training didn’t work for me. Even when it included “labs” and exercises on your own.

It wasn’t real. My time is valuable. I need a way to learn that lets me try it in my own environment. And then someone to help me make it make sense.

That’s what we do in the Straight Talk Leadership Experience. Designed for busy people to get experience and results. Thoughtful presentation of information matched to applied exercises. Supported with weekly group and private coaching sessions.

If that sounds interesting to you, learn more here:

I followed through on my promise to offer a program I’d spend my own money to take. I believe in it so much I offer a 300% value guarantee.

Of course, the high level of personal coaching and attention forces me to limit each cohort. I’m still experimenting with the right size. It looks like I can offer up to 40 spots roughly 4-5 times a year.

Cohort 2 starts the week of October 31 and concludes Friday, December 16, 2016. The week of US Thanksgiving is a catch-up/no new content week

Three reasons to act now: 

  • Registration closes on Sunday.
  • Only 30 seats remain in this cohort (as of right now)
  • This is the last time I’ll offer the discounted rate of $1247; the price doubles for Cohort 3

Why I’m offering a discount for earlier cohorts:

  • This is course of value: look for a resource shortly (asap) that breaks it all down
  • I offer a discount for value: early cohorts help me build and refine the experience and framework
  • Helping build proof is valuable: success stories, examples, and supporting resources increase future value

The early adopters all get the “carry forward” program to access all the changes. They pay a lower price because they invest in the success of the program.

Other ways to get started with Straight Talk

FREE 7 Steps to Straight Talk course

The Straight Talk Framework is best experienced when applied to a real pressing challenge. The 7 Steps to Straight Talk course guides the Simple Straight Talk application. In 7 days or less you get experience with the framework and determine your best next step.

  • 7 Steps to Straight Talk cheat sheet
  • 25 Page Workbook – with space to take notes, complete the step, and reflect on the experience
  • Invite to the Security Catalyst Insiders slack team and Facebook group or

More Free Resources

  • Build Your Foundation Series
  • Straight Talk Framework
  • Straight Talk Showcase

Blog & Newsletter + more programming on the way

Putting together a schedule of ideas and insights I can’t wait to share. Let me know what you’d like to see.

Curated Content

I curate content using Scoop.IT. I figured out how to integrate it on my website. Check out what I thought was good enough to share on:

  • Exceptional Leadership
  • Powerful Communication
  • Personal Development
  • Security (mindset for success)
  • Startups

What I’m working on right now

Resources to help explain the value — and make the case for — Straight Talk.

  • How to value Straight Talk
  • Simple Straight Talk – making the case for training
  • Straight Talk Q&A – a live session (maybe YouTube Live)?

Help me elevate you and accelerate your results with Straight Talk

I’ve started asking myself these questions. I’m going to keep sharing them with you – and together we’ll explore the answers:

  1. What is your most-pressing current issue?
  2. How would getting Straight Talk help you? (If you don’t yet know, try out the 7 Steps to Straight Talk free course)
  3. What’s holding you back?

Our industry is ready for change. We’re at the start of something big. Those who embrace Straight Talk to get clarity of focus, priority of action, and the confidence to take the best next step lead the way.

It’s time to bring people together, break down barriers, and build connections that get results.

My role is clear: elevate people, accelerate results. Let me know how I can help you take the best next step.

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The founder of Security Catalyst, Michael develops exceptional leaders and powerful communicators with the security mindset for success.