February 16

Giving back: The Catalyst Career Compass Program


What started as a way to help friends improve their security careers has started to turn into a full-fledged program called the Catalyst Career Compassâ„¢.

Over the last few years, I’ve slowly worked through the elements to help friends – and each time I promise to make the approach public. Last weekend, I was called on my promise (thankfully) and decided to open it up. In the meantime, we have colleagues who need a boost – they need to build, calibrate and follow their career compasses.

This is a new program – so I am open to a small group of people running through the elements for their own benefits, and to help shape the elements that will be incorporated into the community. In fact, I’d like to figure out how to train others on the approach and work as a community to help each other out.

So it starts now.

And we’ll start small.

For now, no charge (money) to partcipate — but there is a cost. If you are interested, send me an email (securitycatalyst/gmail) or engage me on twitter (http://twitter.com/catalyst) and let’s discuss. We have to keep the initial run small, and we need people who are willing to participate fully and work through the entire system.

More details below:

Career Compass Overview

Whether you are currently a Security Professional or want to become one, this highly flexible program will help you set and meet your professional ambitions while serving lifestyle goals.

Set your Career Compass:

  • To prepare for a raise
  • To receive a promotion
  • For career development
  • If you are ready to move into the security field
  • To find a new position (within your current company or outside it)

Determine your path and venture forth.

Setting Your Career Compass is a multi-faceted program to help you refine your career objectives and realize them.

It is a three-step process.

1.            You will first think about and answer a series of questions about yourself, your ideal working environments and your future. We help you align your answers – the ‘who you are’ – with what you have done and where you would like to go.

2.            Then we prepare you to effectively communicate your value to the right audience. With guidance you will build a personal brand in the form of a resume, bio, cover letter and whatever else is needed for you to reach your goals.

3.            With all the background work complete, we will help you follow the compass you built.

We do not judge.

Everyone thrives in different situations and has different desires in life. Our passion is to help you find the unique value you bring to an organization and position yourself for success.

Why the Compass approach works.

We guide you through a process that helps you explore your strengths, values and goals. As a result, you will understand yourself better than simply listening to someone tell you what they think, based on a questionnaire.

You will be self-aware.

You will have the clarity required to communicate your value effectively. After guiding you through this exploratory process, your Career Compass helps you position and differentiate yourself from others in a strong finished package – written and oral.

The program will help you craft a resume that is simple, powerful and designed to attract the attention of the “right” people. It will help you market yourself better and guide you to greater success.

How much time does this take?

Like most things in life, the more you invest into this program, the more you will get out of it. It is recommended that you budget 3-5 hours to complete step one, 3-5 hours for step two and 3-5 hours to begin step three.

Step three is ongoing but 3-5 hours gets people where they need to be. Some will breeze through the process. Others will need more time. There is no right answer, but the time you invest in yourself will pay off down the road.


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