January 23


.htaccess redirect help of ‘?feed=rss2’

I recently moved my blog from the base of www.santarmj.staging.wpengine.com to www.santarmj.staging.wpengine.com/blog (and then filled in the balance of the site). I considered the need to redirect the feed, and established a .htaccess file in the root with one line:
‘redirect permanent /feed/ https://securitycatalyst.com/blog/feed/’

It works and feedburner works (for most it’s only 1, maybe 2 redirects). Turns out, however, that iTunes is looking for https://securitycatalyst.com/?feed=rss2

I have spent a few days and 2 hours this evening pouring through the forums and trying every combination of code I can find to be able to redirect https://securitycatalyst.com/?feed=rss2 to https://securitycatalyst.com/blog/feed/

I’m finding no joy.

The current .htaccess includes:

Redirect permanent /feed/ https://securitycatalyst.com/blog/feed/
#redirect the ?feed=rss2 people, namely iTunes
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^rss=1$
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://securitycatalyst.com/blog/feed/ [R=301,L]

I would love some insights or guidance. Clearly, I’m doing something wrong and hopefully missing something that is obvious to those of you who understand code better than me.

Suggestions, insights?


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