I get the fact that Symantec is the 600 pound gorilla that seems to do no wrong. And as a CISSP instructor, I have trained a lot of Symantec professionals… so I harbor no ill will toward symantec and their entire suite of solutions. I have used and recommended them (and will continue to, where appropriate).
And yet that doesn’t really mitigate the sting of reading a headline in Information Week proclaiming that Symantec Prepares For Shift To “Security 2.0”. I’m still shaking my head in amazement that concepts become nothing more than marketing. Sure, I read all the buzzwords included in the article, and it seems like the same thing we already know and do, but packaged in a more updated manner. Way to kill a good concept!

Now I’m not suggesting Security 2.0 is dead. As a concept it lives on – and really, this is a good time for you to get off your chair and fight for a concept to belong to our community and not to a corporation.

In the model I’ve been working on and collaborting on for the better part of 18 months, Security 2.0 is a true transformation of the way we as a community and as a world PRACTICE the art of information security. As such, it’s a model, a framework. Something that is public and will soon be available to be contributed to and built upon.

Listen about the true Security 2.0 in this podcast: http://securitycatalyst.com/2006/08/28/security-catalyst-35-introducting-security-20/
But it’s decidedly not a marketing game or the illusion that by shifting security from the network we’re reaching a new level. The whole ‘2.0’ concept really kicked in with Web 2.0. And if you look around, we’re still trying to figure out and define precisely what Web 2.0 is (see: Steve Rubel Finally, a Definition for Web 2.0 We Can Agree On?) – save this: we understand that it brings power back to the users and allows them to have more meaningful interactions. Security 2.0 builds upon that – and can be (and should be) seamlessly integrated and expanded in a way that improves the world around us.

This will be interesting… but I’m disappointed that while Web 2.0 seems to be a movement, Security 2.0 may become a dead-end marketing term that is mocked around the world.

This is your chance to step up and change the world. Or you can sit back and be told what to believe and what to do.

== 22 days until the Catalyst Community is open publicly. Trusted Catalysts are engaging now – soon you will have the opportunity to contribute to Security 2.0 and make a difference ==

About the Author Michael Santarcangelo

The founder of Security Catalyst, Michael develops exceptional leaders and powerful communicators with the security mindset for success.

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