November 10

ICYMI Nov 10 – Weekly Rewind – 3 questions


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Welcome to the weekly rewind – a chance to play last week again.

This is my latest attempt to figure out the right way to blend various writing efforts — now spreading over more platforms — together. It also captures the content I shared last week in one convenient place. I’ll try this for a few weeks – feedback welcomed!

I’ll include some notes about what I’m working on below, too. Check ‘em out.

Quote of the week

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. – Robert Louis Stevenson

Created: What I published this week

3 questions successful leaders ask before starting a new project → my first article published on LinkedIn

Answer these 3 questions if you want to get your security projects funded


DtR Episode 117 – NewsCast for November 3, 2014

DtR FeatureCast – Norse Corp DDoS – Nov 7 2014

And from 2 weeks ago (when I intended to start this):

The real problem with passwords? We only treat symptoms


An invitation

A new series I’m hosting launches this week.

If you’re struggling to adopt the “assume breach” mindset and adapt the appropriate actions, then the new series I’m kicking off this week is for you. Hosted by Damballa, it’s a 5-part journey of education, insight, and cutting through the noise to explore what it takes to be successful running a security program based on prevention, detection, and response.

Sign up and join me for the series:

Curated: The articles I shared via social media

I generally share 3-5 articles each day through social media (twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn). RIght now my Facebook account is my personal account. I guess I either need to open that up, or transition over to an author page (it’s setup, I just don’t use it).

I tend to share concepts about communication, value, measurement, and performance — insights into ourselves, ways for us to grow and improve.

Here is the list of what I curated and shared last week.


3 Keys To Being a Great Storyteller

If You Don’t Tell Your Story, Someone Else Will

Comment: This is why people leave your company


Top 10 Bruce Lee Quotes (Ten Best Sayings)

Jimmy Kimmel’s Hilarious Shark Tank Pitch Hits Close To Home

Speakers: Are You Overworked And Overwhelmed? Here’s Your Answer


10 Things the Most Likeable People Consistently Do

10 Ways to Clarify Your Message as a Public Speaker


The Presentation Advice You Can Dismiss


Master the Stage – Microphone Technique

6 Things the Best Speakers NEVER Do

You Can Always Find The End Of This Ingeniously Designed Tape Roll

Let me know which of these you liked best. I always welcome suggestions for articles and ideas to share!

What I’m working on – opportunities

My business is getting more focused; turns out it’s growing, too. I’ve got some ideas planned for the coming year – and it includes a new website. I’ll work to pepper in some updates as we continue to journey together.

I work with enterprise and select vendors to take friction out of communication, connect people to value. As such, I often get the opportunity to help both cut through the noise and get the results they need.

The invitation to join me for the 5-part series with Damballa is above. This series uses a format I’ve been working on over the last year. I’m excited about the series, and look forward to share more information on the approach soon!

In addition, I’m working on launching an advisor program. With a limited number of openings, it’s an opportunity for leaders to get a “catalyst-on-demand” that focuses on friction, transformation, value, measurement, and effective communication — for security, and beyond.

More on these and a few other things I’m working on coming soon!



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