November 16


I’ll be at Tech Crunch Meetup 8 in NYC tonight

I’m sure that when you read ‘the catalyst’ the only thing in your mind is that this must be a team of ‘ultra-hip’ bloggers. Right. Well, I don’t think that either. So then why would I be going to the Tech Crunch Meetup this evening, and why would I be sharing that tidbit with you?

Well, first, if anyone else is going, I’d enjoy the chance to meet you in person. More importantly, Tech Crunch is at the center of Web 2.0. Believe me,I know we have lots of (mostly useless) chatter going around right now about Security 2.0, 3.0, etc. It was inevitable that it would happen, and I was obviously the first of people to start proposing a framework under that concept… so I’m keenly interested and involved in the backlash and other whining going on.
Meantime, I’m convinced we need a new name to describe the Security 2.0 framework I we have been working on, but I’m working on another post to address my thinking on that.
Regardless of what it’s called and what folks call it, I am actually researching and growing more active in understanding the successful elements of the Web 2.0 movement. I’m not so terribly concerned with what the term means, per se, as to what people are developing because of it, and the implication for us as security professionals. No one seems to argue we need to change our methods and continue to evolve as professionals. Well, I think the experiences and lessons learned from Web 2.0 will feed the sucess of our efforts.
As a result, I read Tech Crunch (and others) daily and look forward to the event this evening. I’m certain I’ll come away with some new insights (and maybe even the notion to plan a Catalyst Meetup someday!).

More information can be found here:

If you’ll be there, look me up. I’ll be the bald guy 😉


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