June 8


Security Catalyst featured in (IN)Secure Magazine – check it out!

I got an email this morning from the editor of (IN)Secure magazing pointing out that I have been highlighted in the current issue. I am honored to be recognized for my efforts (as are my fellow Security Roundtable Podcasters) and wanted to not only share the good news with you, but to alert you to this magazine.

(IN)Secure is a free, online magazine that you can download in PDF format. I am starting to review some of the issues now, but am always supportive of a resource that aims to bring different perspectives to security and help people continue their practice. (IN)Secure may be a valuable resource for you.

(Tip of the hat to Martin McKeay for writing the article)

Either way, thanks for listening and helping to spread the word. Let me know what you think of (IN)Secure and perhaps we can help improve on their efforts!


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