April 6

Into the Breach – Audio Series – Chapter 9 (Extending the Conversation: Rewards Beyond Protecting Information)


Welcome to the continuation of the Into the Breach: Protect Your Business by Managing People, Information and Risk audio series. (Click this link) to learn more about this how this book solves today’s challenges and pick up a complete copy.

This series, underwritten by Configuresoft, now part of EMC, is the full and unabridged audio version of Into the Breach, written by Michael Santarcangelo and read by the author.

What you’ll find in this episode (Chapter 9)

Writing this book and testing these methods revealed a surprise: people who are engaged – connected more closely to the consequences of their actions – do more than protect information.

This chapter explores additional benefits from the improved communication and insights that come from following the strategies and elements shared in Into the Breach, including:

  • Quickly align business and technology organizations (true alignment, not lip service)
  • Harnessing the power of people to uncover new revenue opportunities
  • Leveraging and engaging individuals in the act of reducing waste while doing more with less

You want more, so after listening…

After listening to this segment of Into the Breach, keep the energy going and support the shift in thinking and inspire behavior change by

  1. Engaging (not following) Michael on twitter (http://twitter.com/catalyst)
  2. Subscribing to The Security Catalyst podcast & blog to get more insights
  3. 3. Checking out Awareness that Works™ – a new program from Michael Santarcangelo to guide smart investment in people, with guaranteed results (this program pays for itself).


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