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Into the Breach – Audio Series – Chapter 1 (Breach: A Human Problem)

Welcome to the audio series of Into the Breach: Protect Your Business by Managing People, Information and Risk (click this link to learn more about this book and pick up a complete copy – to get started on your personal journey). This series, underwritten by Configuresoft, now part of EMC, is the full and unabridged audio version of Into the Breach, written by Michael Santarcangelo and read by the author. Join us for a new chapter released on the first Tuesday of each month (there are 13 chapters total).

What you’ll find in this episode (Chapter 1: Breach: A Human Problem)

Chapter 1 defines the challenge of breach as a “human problem” and begins the journey to understand how and why we got where we are today. Michael reveals how reliance on technology has masked the true nature of the problem and explains how to re-think the way technology supports the needs of people. He also suggests that a focus on breach is too narrow, and that all information must be protected.

Update from Michael: the updated approach is to focus on the human paradox – introduced in this segment – that points out the unintentional, but systematic, disconnection of people from the consequences of their actions. This means “breach” and information protection is less a human problem than a paradox; my focus is on connecting people back to the consequences of their actions and presenting solutions that turn the cost of working with people into an investment.

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