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Into the Breach – Audio Series – Chapter 5 (The Strategy to Protect Information)


Welcome to the continuation of the Into the Breach: Protect Your Business by Managing People, Information and Risk audio series. (Click this link) to learn more about this how this book solves today’s challenges and pick up a complete copy.

This series, underwritten by Configuresoft, now part of EMC, is the full and unabridged audio version of Into the Breach, written by Michael Santarcangelo and read by the author. Join us for a new chapter released on the first Tuesday of each month (there are 13 chapters total).

What you’ll find in episode 6, Into the Breach: Chapter 5 (The Strategy to Protect Information)

Chapter 5 is the introduction to Part II of Into the Breach — where the focus shifts to looking at what needs to be done. I outline a powerful, yet simple, approach dubbed “The Strategy to Protect Information.”

Key is the focus on information, not data, and the three steps that any organization must follow in order to be effective. The balance of Part II explains how – but just learning and understanding the three part strategy is transformative.

After listening to this chapter, you will know the strategy and be able to apply it to your current challenge — small and tactical or larger and organizational.

Put the power of Into the Breach to work for you…

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