I’ve heard other authors exclaim that at the end of the writing process, it felt as if they were ready to give birth — and couldn’t wait for this labor of love to be done. Well, I’ve been the husband/father side of pregnancy, and it was smooth sailing for me. Now that I’m nearing the home stretch of this book, I’m starting to understand…

Into the Breach: Why Companies Fail to Protect Data and What We Need to Do About It has been under development long enough! I have distilled the problem and presented a careful and easy-to-follow solution that will help companies improve their top line, protect their bottom lines and manage people, risk and information more efficiently. I am writing a book for business leaders to understand the fundamentals of how to unmask our human problem and take simple steps to reduce the chaos.

I’m ready to get this out there – and to share what I have learned and help more companies. So… I have decided to pack up the RV (it’s cold here in NY) and head down to Charlotte, NC. Why Charlotte? Why not. Seriously, though, my best friend lives in Charlotte – and he and some other good friends have suggested that we consider moving our base of operations to the Carolinas. The more the tell me about the region, the more I’m inclined to agree, so I decided it would be a good time to take 10-12 days to head down and check it out, while wrapping up the book.

I could use your help
If you live or do business in Charlotte – I would love to speak with you, or even meet with you in the next two weeks. I’m seriously considering moving our business there — and I’d like to learn about the business climate, partnership opportunities (or companies looking for a partner), family environment and the like. If you have a friend in Charlotte, perhaps an introduction would be possible?

Do you want a preview of the book?
I’m going to be hip-deep in finishing up the book. If you live in Charlotte and want to get a free preview – let me know and we can catch up. I’ll bring what I’m up to, and you can help me work through any rough spots while I get the manuscript finished off. I look forward to meeting you and working through the elements. This goes for business, personal… whatever. In fact… if you want to schedule some time with me and your team, I can share some of the keynote and strategies for success with you. I’ve been testing the book for the last year, and I know this works. I’m happy to share.

When you will get the book
I plan to have the galley copies out by the end of the month to my review team. I plan to have the entire project finished by the end of January and then it’s off to the printer!

If you can’t wait (for business or personal reasons)
I will be making a sample chapter available in the next few weeks. It’s seriously top priority for me. At that time, I’ll be able to accept pre-orders and take requests for autographed copies, too.

At the same time — you can book me right now for a dynamic keynote to prepare your organization now. In fact, we’re lining some up for December so that people can get this information before the new year! I promise I’ll do what I can to get this information to you and into the hands of decision makers as soon as I can.

I also am offering a limited number of my Information Protection Program to companies that want to implement the suggestions in the book to reduce the risk of breach, while reducing the cost of compliance. If you’re serious about changing the way people protect information, I’d like to have a conversation with you about how my program can help.

About the Author Michael Santarcangelo

The founder of Security Catalyst, Michael develops exceptional leaders and powerful communicators with the security mindset for success.

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