​​​​Into the Breach


Into the Breach answers the question, “What happens when breach is only a symptom?”

Michael Santarcangelo guides a bold and refreshing look at addressing the challenges of protecting information to reveal the real challenge as a human paradox. As Michael explains,

“People have been unintentionally and systematically disconnected from the consequences of their actions for so long, they are no longer held accountable or take responsibility,” explains Michael. “The real key to protecting information is to engage people in the process and support them with the right tools and technology.”

Drawing on his background in human ecology, Michael is quick to point out that we do not have a “people problem” and explains why suggesting people are “the weakest link” or other commonly used phrases is nothing more than a copout.

By explaining the human paradox, Michael demonstrates how people are actually the heart of the solution. He then sets forth a clear plan that explains how to engage, empower and enable individuals to take back responsibility.

Into the Breach is organized into three sections.

  • The first part explains the current situation, the human paradox and how to move from risk reaction to efficient risk management.
  • The second part provides a strategy to engage, empower and enable people.
  • The final part of the book explores how this powerful strategy (now updated as The Catalyst Method) can be used to improve outsourcing, project and other efforts that require individuals to take responsibility and make informed decisions.

Who was Into the Breach written for?

Into the Breach is written for business leaders who realize the efforts to protect information of the last decade are not working. By providing compelling examples and clear action-steps, Michael Santarcangelo shines light on the path forward for any organization.

The ideas in this book are designed to provide answers, insight and guidance for those who realize individuals are essential to every organization. More than engaging, empowering and enabling people, Into the Breach ignites actions that provide individuals, teams and organizations with an accurate understanding of the people, information and risk of the organization. More importantly, it also sheds light on the context and consequence of the information.

Why should I read Into the Breach?

This book sparks a shift in thinking and guides the changes in behavior required to change the way people protect information. Into the Breach explains how to turn insiders into allies that reduce business risk.

The current approaches to managing risk are more like “risk reaction,” and efforts designed to “secure information” are often inflicted on people creating a situation that makes it harder for people to do their jobs, ironically, increasing risk.

Real risk management requires a complete and accurate understanding of people, information and risk. This book unlocks the secret to influencing change in an organization to literally shifting the tide to help bridge the human paradox gap and connect people to the consequences of their actions.

How long will it take to read, understand and act?

Into the Breach is a powerful book that can be consumed in a few hours. In fact, most executives are able to read Into the Breach on a plane ride. The audio version of Into the Breach, as read by Michael Santarcangelo, can be listened to in less than 4 hours!

And the ideas shared in Into the Breach can be acted on and implemented in a matter of days with noticeable results in less than a month.

Then what happens?

Once the change gets started, it is often contagious. People want to take responsibility. People want to make a difference. People want to feel valued and want to participate.

Additional guidance from Michael Santarcangelo is available in a variety of ways… check out the resources available on this website, or contact us to explore the results you will experience by working with Michael.

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