September 21


It’s time to be CERIAS about security podcasting

Once upon a time when I worked for Accenture (back when it was still Andersen Consulting) – and before I became a professional speaker – I was honored to speak at Purdue and the new CERIAS program. I was still young (most would argue I am still young) and recall the opportunity to sit with Professor Gene Spafford and talk about security and the future of security.

I wish I had maintained that relationship. Ah, such is life! I also wish I had recorded that conversation. I wonder how much of it came true.
Anyway, today (thanks to Matt Yoder – who needs to start writing again), I came across this posting that CERIAS is podcasting Security Seminars. I have subscribed and downloaded some, but have not yet watched. Regardless, this is excellent!

CERIAS has some excellent thinkers when it comes to security, and by adding more voices to the mix, we are all much better off. Having a leader contribute to the information available to help shape the future is welcome, indeed.
I am excited they are sharing this information with us and urge you to check it out and get engaged.


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