October 13

Join me at the Microsoft Small Business Summit This Wednesday

I am honored to be a speaker on protecting information for the Microsoft Small Business Summit on Wednesday. I fly out to Redmond on Tuesday morning – and have my moments during the day on Wednesday.

You can follow along live! At this link:


I am a day 2 speaker – with an impressive lineup of guests:


This is a live program, but I have been working with the producers for a few weeks now – and I am excited about the questions, thought process and opportunity to share some different thinking about what businesses need to do to protect them. More, we’re also going to explore how the right approach to protecting your business can actually save money and increase the opportunity for more revenue (as outlined in Into the Breach). To me, that’s a really cool conversation.

I hope you check it out. I look forward to the opportunity continue to conversations through this blog, the podcast(s) and as we fire up the diesel and head out on the road again (Friday – next stop, Kansas City!).


into the breach

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