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Leadership Course Experience: What to Expect

I know leaders are busy. Faced with the opportunity to engage in a course to improve your leadership and communication creates a natural reaction:

“I know I need to take that training, but I just don’t have time. I’m too busy.”

Leaders that invest in themselves set the standard for the people around them. But that means knowing you’re investing in an experience that gets results.

That was the challenge I took when I agreed to create the first cohort of the Straight Talk Leadership Experience: create an experience where people learn by doing, increase value, and gain time back into their busy schedules.

I knew that meant rejecting the current trend of slapping information on a website/portal and selling access to it. That’s a consumption-focused model that assumes too much about the audience and places the entire onus on the learner. What happens when people have questions about how to apply the insights to their own experience?

While their intentions might be good, those programs never worked for me. They felt like they were taking time I could use someplace else. I didn’t complete the work.

I promised to create an offering I would spend my own (not corporate) money on.

The result is a six-week experience. Over 60 (short) videos, 18 exercises, 6 group coaching sessions, 6 private sessions, and lifetime access to a growing resource library. I’m even confident enough to offer a 300% value guarantee (calculated to include time invested and expected actual price of the course).

Let me explain how it works, what to expect, and why I’ve flipped from reluctant to offer an online course to a full embrace of this as the premier way to develop leaders and communicators.

The basic premise: essential information structured into a guided experience

This is a experience, not just the consumption of information. Each week lays out an attainable theme supported by content, exercises, and coaching structured to solve problems while learning.

We embrace the Ben Franklin 5 hour rule; we break it down to:

  • Roughly 1 hour of new content per week, no segment longer than 8 minutes
    • that way you consume on the schedule and way that works for you
  • Up to 1.5 hours a week of group and individual coaching
  • That leaves roughly 2.5 hours to work through the applied exercises focused on helping you address challenges in a way that enhances learning

Applying the program in context allows immediate benefits and builds a foundation for lasting success.

Cohort-driven approach with a completely flexible schedule

We work together as a cohort – but you have full control over your schedule for the week. Aside from the scheduled group coaching call and discussion, participate and engage on the schedule that best supports you.

The roadmap for each week with all supporting elements is made available by Monday morning. It includes a little pep talk from me with an overview of the week ahead. You work through the exercises and materials on the pace and schedule you need.

Each week features three exercises designed to support the learning process:

  • Individual: low-stress exercises that introduce new concepts and show how they enhance the Straight Talk Framework
  • Cohort: selected from weekly submissions of pressing challenges, this is a chance to work with, share and learn from your peers – on real issues
  • Applied: focus on your pressing issue of the week – complete with guidance and coaching to get results while learning new concepts

Coaching and engagement informs action

  • Weekly group coaching – matched to the weekly cohort exercise
  • Weekly personal 1:1 coaching – designed to help you gain the most from your applied exercise and confidently take your best next step

Each cohort gets the chance to work together and build lasting relationships.

Recapture wasted time – the surprise benefit

One of the surprises from the first cohort was the ability to recapture wasted time. By applying the time allocated for exercises to actual pressing issues:

  • You get to reclaim some of the training time into your busy schedule (which isn’t factored into the investment, it’s just a side benefit)
  • The end of each week culminates with insights and coaching, creating confidence on your best next steps

In the first cohort, this allowed some leaders to solve problems that saved them hours of time. That means the investment of time in this experience actually freed them up to focus on areas of higher value.

Now I’m focused on helping people build the habits and apply the Straight Talk Framework in a way that allows them to get the time they need to get the results they seek.

The transformation this experience delivers

Included in each week is the structure to plan your time and efforts. Not just for the course, but to decide where to allocate limited time and energy to get the best results. We work together to build the habits exhibited by exceptional leaders and powerful communicators.

By the end of the course experience, you’ll work through 2-3 complete applications of the Straight Talk Framework each week. That means 12-18 times over the course of this experience — and more if you want! This is essential to grasp the nuance and depth of the power of the Straight Talk Framework.

As a result of our time together, you’ll gain

  • Clarity of focus
  • Priority of action
  • Confidence to take your best next step

This is how we break down barriers, build connections, and get results. This is why I’m excited. And why I can’t wait to work with you!

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Michael Santarcangelo

The founder of Security Catalyst, Michael develops exceptional leaders and powerful communicators with the security mindset for success.