August 10


Let me help you get the Straight Talk you need to prove your leadership

I’m on a mission to help security leaders earn the respect they deserve while getting the support they need to improve security.

The challenge of earning respect for your leadership isn’t as easy as reading a book or taking a course. While those are good steps, it takes action that gets recognized, even sought out. You need to get results other leaders struggle with.

Powering the approach is the Straight Talk Framework. A leadership approach to bring people together and give them a voice without wasting their time. It builds mutual confidence in the three key areas of domain knowledge, alignment, and resilience of outcome (because nothing goes as planned). The result is your ability to make better decisions faster.

If you’re the leader who brings people together and makes better decisions on a regular basis, you get recognized for your results. You prove your leadership by elevating the people around you. And yes, you get the support you need to improve security.

The key is investing in yourself and committing to the practice needed to get results.

Using the “Swiss Army Knife” of leadership and communication

The framework uses 5 questions, 3 perspectives, and 3 rounds to drive results. Adjust variable constraints to adapt to different situations and outcomes. It’s like a leadership and communication swiss army knife.

It’s a powerful and flexible approach. It’s distilled to the essence, making it easy to explain. It works because it draws on things you know, things you’re familiar with, and then brings in some new elements. The order matters.

Taking the time to learn the basics gets you up to speed faster. That’s my goal.

That’s why I promised to figure out a way to build an online course. The sort of experience I’d pay to be part of. With your feedback, the experience of teaching it, and the support of the advisors, I’m ready to launch the Executive Course.

I invite you to check it out and join the launch (here).

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After some debate, we set the price to make it easy for anyone to join in. That way you can join the launch and even invite you team along, too. Even better if you bring some non-security colleagues.

There is a catch: enrollment closes on August 29th.

We get started on August 30th and work for the next five weeks. And while we’ll build on the success of this course to do more in the future, all I know is it won’t be at this low price again.

An Executive Course built on feedback and experience

An executive course blends core instruction with exercises and discussion/coaching. It allows flexibility to work on your own schedule, but with the opportunity to come together for discussions and coaching. Learning, doing, reviewing. Focused on what matters most so you benefit quickly and build on your own experiences.

With that in mind, this course is built based on your feedback and my experience teaching the Straight Talk Framework during the leadership summits and private engagements. In the process, I figured out a few key areas to focus on – and hence the opportunity of the executive course.

It’s also an adaptive and responsive approach. We’re going to work together to focus on your needs. We’ll build real examples that you can take and use. Each week I’m going to ask for your candid feedback and then act on it immediately.

Are you ready when security is an executive leadership requirement?

I see a future where security is a basic leadership competency. The table stakes of executive leadership in any organization. This includes the ability to translate complexity into comprehension.

It starts with Straight Talk.

The upside of straight talk is improving security while advancing your leadership. It’s proof of your ability with action that drives results.

Getting it right is a journey. It takes an investment of time and energy.

Are you ready to invest in your leadership? To do the work and earn the recognition you deserve?

Join me on the launch of the Straight Talk for Leaders Executive Course.

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Let me elevate and accelerate your journey to exceptional leadership and powerful communication. Together we can change the industry, one leader at a time.


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