January 12

Macromedia Flash Security Panel

So, I was chatting with a friend who mentioned that he was a little bit frightened that Pandora, the service that will point out music similar to stuff you already like, knew who he was after not logging in for a month, despite the fact he didn’t allow cookies.

I pointed out that Macromedia Flash has an entirely separate set of security controls to him. Despite his more than two decades in the IT industry, this was news to him. Given that he didn’t know about it, I had to assume that there were other people out there who were unaware that Flash stores a separate set of security settings.

Thus, here’s a minor piece of news, possibly just a reminder for some people:

The Macromedia Flash Player Control Panel

Note, as the webpage says, it contains a Flash object that connects to your local Flash settings, to edit them.

Thanks to jkarp for making me aware of this topic.


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