I’ve been sharing more about effective communication and marketing – and the importance that it has for those of us who practice security (well, for anyone, really). I heard a great quote the other day, but I don’t recall who it is attributed to (sorry): “Marketing should be education, education should be marketing.” Turns out I have always sought this sort of approach, and have worked to make sure that I am engaging, entertaining and inspirational when in front of clients. Now, as we narrow our focus, I will continue to share my research and ideas with you through the blog and podcast so that we can all be more successful.

As I have already shared with you, we (the entire company) took time this year to stop and think. When is the last time you did that? We actually took the time to stop. To think. To plan. As a result, we are more focused than we have ever been. We understand that our value is working with companies committed to changing the way their organization thinks about and protects information. We are building on our experience across disciplines to create unique and compelling solutions that really make a difference and help to shift the culture of an organization to protecting information more effectively. I’m delving deep into design, communication, management, marketing, sales, and still keeping up with security. It’s been a blast. And you’ll see this through the blog, the podcast and some video I’m thinking of recording and releasing. I *LOVE* my job, this industry and the promise of the future for us all.

Of course, this is the time when the rubber meets the road for The Michaelangelo Group (my company). Since we now are clear about the value we provide as an organization (and have a track record of success to prove it), we have to create marketing materials to clearly explain that to others. We started working on some elements last week, and started to circulate some pieces yesterday. We’re already updating them (seems it’s easier, sometimes, to help someone else). We keep working to practice what we preach and put effective pieces together. This has led to some awesome conversations and exchanges with friends, clients and other professionals. This morning, Cutaway sent me some links, including: http://www.smallbusinessbranding.com/655/branding-tips-small-business/

I started reading this as a business owner, working to produce some marketing. About half-way through, I realized that this posting is required reading for security professionals! Seriously. As I work to explain how I can make you more successful, to both you and your boss (afterall, wouldn’t it be nice of me to make that part of your job easier, too?) — I am following the same process and steps that each one of us should be following when it comes to MARKETING security internally!

I’ve actually had the privilege to coach some clients through website and portal development in the last year – this would have been an excellent post to share. If you’re serious about connecting with users, then this an approach you should read, consider, discuss and try out. You don’t have to be perfect – make the attempt.

In the meantime, I’ll be sharing more information about marketing, branding, communication and other ways of thinking that we really need to be focusing on in order to be more effective. For now, go take a look at: http://www.smallbusinessbranding.com/655/branding-tips-small-business/ and figure out how these can help you. I just read it again. You can look for a way in each step to do that internally. If you need help, send me an email: se**************@gm***.com. I’m here for you – the time is now for us to make a change. Can you feel it?

P.S.: In the coming days, I’ll post up some information about our three areas of focus – I’m interested in speaking with companies that are serious about preventing a breach, improving their practice of security and understand that it will take the efforts of the entire organization and not just the security team. I’m going to offer some incentives to those that help me get these programs established and can serve as testimonials and such. In return – we can chat on the phone about security and how we can make a difference together!

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The founder of Security Catalyst, Michael develops exceptional leaders and powerful communicators with the security mindset for success.

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