May 14

May 2008 Security Round Table | RSA – Going Beyond the Hype


I had a great time at RSA 2008 this year, but didn’t attend any keynotes and only saw some snippets of sessions. Yet I took several *quality* briefings during the course of the week — and will be interviewing, profiling and sharing my impressions over the coming months. I started the week a bit sad — after walking the show floor, it felt to me that the industry was, en masse, running in entirely the wrong direction. I ended the week not only with renewed hope, but with new and powerful insights.

RSA carries a lot of hype. Now that the conference is over, Martin and I wanted to go beyond the hype and invited a panel with mixed experience to share with us their impressions, opinions and lessons learned. During this SRT, we cover the role of bloggers as media, the *real* value of RSA and a whole bunch of other interesting issues and perspectives.

I also share, near the end, what I thought the theme should have been. Thinking about it now, it is a good choice for next year, or even for a SCC conference!

This marks the return of the SRT. We already have the June SRT recorded — a great show with the Jericho Forum, dispelling a lot of myths and providing some good insight into how they are helping to drive change in the industry. In July we’ll tackle the issue of using botnets to fight botnets and August will revisit a topic raised during the May SRT — the responsibility of security bloggers and the role of new media.

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