Meet Michael Santarcangelo

Michael Santarcangelo on the Dell Security Think Tank Panel

Michael Santarcangelo on the Dell Security Think Tank Panel

I got my start in security by asking a single question on a Friday afternoon. The response was a challenge: fix the problem by Monday morning.

Back then, there was one book on security. Google didn’t exist yet. No dedicated security conferences or network of professionals to poll. I had a weekend to model and test. Make mistakes and learn.

I figured it out.

That single question started me down a path into the world of security.

That was two decades ago. Since then, I’ve solved problems at the intersection of people, business, and technology. My experience spans industries, organization size, and geography. I’ve helped build and improve industry certifications. Trained thousands. Started chapters to bring professionals together for mutual benefit and gain.

I share insights through writing, speaking, podcasting, and other similar efforts. In fact, I’m only getting started.

The curious impact of curiosity

As my journey unfolds, the same insatiable curiosity that started it all continues. Situations and conditions that pose new challenges. And the opportunity to draw on the experiences and insights of others.

Each an opportunity to learn. To understand. Then to share. Never academic, always applied. Well, sometimes a little academic. I value finding the right answer for the situation over being right. That means each encounter holds valuable lessons.

I’m better for my work in helping others better themselves. Sometimes it feels unfair. I feel like I get more in the exchange than they do. I’m often assured this isn’t the case.

The real lesson is that each situation has many approaches. This applies to leadership, communication, security, and life. There is no single right solution. Only the solution that is right in the context of the situation.

Leadership born of helping others communicate value

A little over a decade ago I started on a deep exploration of communication. It started when I taught a group of risk assessors how to communicate their value.

During the class, I shared some models and methods I’d been working on. Blown away by the response and their results, I dug deeper. I don’t know if the 10,000 hour rule is valid, but I’ve invested more than that.

Over the years, I developed approaches that anyone can use. It helps people capture, distill, and show value. And they can communicate with any audience.

The focus on value is what branched into leadership.

The more I studied value, the more I realized how elusive it is for most people. Yet it is the imperative. I discovered a lot of people disconnected from their stories, their intrinsic value. Those same people struggle to realize value in others.

The impact of this finding is broad. It affects communication and leadership. It drives me to reconnect people to their value. To structure their stories and articulate them with confidence. To amplify their value and blend it with others.

An aha! moment for me.

I develop exceptional leaders and powerful communicators with the mindset for security success

I work at the positive intersection of leadership, communication, and security. Drawing on two decades of advancing solutions that work.

Along the way, I cracked the code. A method of understanding high performance. I used what I learned to capture and distill universal truths for leadership.

The Exceptional Leadership Framework™ is a way to assess and understand your journey. It includes five foundational elements, nine competencies, and five essential habits. It works for individuals, teams, and organizations.

My journey includes accelerating yours

My journey is unique. Yours is, too. I know the journey for each leader, communicator, and security professional is unique. I also know everyone is capable of leadership.

Serving different people on different journeys is what makes the framework (and code) powerful.

Like a ship sailing the ocean, no two trips are the same. Yet each shares known foundational elements. The crew exhibits skill across defined competencies. Good crews have habits that improve their foundation and their competencies.

Uniqueness of the individual and their journey is not in conflict with the framework. High performance is often built on a shared set of elements and experiences.

The key is understanding where you are, where you’re going, and your best next step.

That’s what I do.

I bring people together. Help them build strong foundations. When you’re ready, I’d love to explore how I can help.

Let’s talk about your journey and your best next step.



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