A proven method to get recognized for your efforts

Prioritize your activities, deliver value, and get more stuff done to earn recognition and your seat at the table

Directly connect your efforts to business results

I understand how challenging it is to align your efforts with business results when you don’t have a seat at the table, which is why I developed the Security Catalyst Method to help security leaders prioritize their activities so they get stuff done and, finally, earn a seat at the table.

The Security Catalyst Method

The Security Catalyst Method is a 3 phase, step-by-step process to help security leaders connect their efforts to business results so they get recognized for the value they deliver.

Phase 1: Determine

Understand how you fit in the organization to align goals, set priorities, and solve the right problems

1. Diagnose Situation

Develop an accurate (unemotional) understanding of the situation

2. Clarify Goals

Align personal and team efforts with business and technology goals and objectives

3. Set priorities

Clarify and identify what problems to solve & what can wait until later

Phase 2: Prepare

Chart a confident path to deliver value faster, connected to business results


Define the problems to overcome and what successful outcomes look like


Connect what you need to what the business wants to start measuring what matters

6. Plan Approach

Build an achievable plan to get stuff done tailored to your environment and situation

Phase 3: Implement

Communicate what counts to build support, take action, and deliver recognized value

7. Build Support

Build support with your team, colleagues, and business leaders for the effort and approach


Move forward with confidence because you know the best steps to take next


Confirm your efforts delivered value and are moving you and your organization forward

Why it takes a catalyst to drive change

Earn your seat at the table

Solve the right problems, deliver value faster, and communicate what counts

to drive your organization and team forward. 

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Connect Your Efforts

Show your value by aligning your work and team efforts to business needs, building support along the way. 

Earn Your Seat

Deliver value faster to get recognized for your efforts and earn your seat

at the table.

Add the catalyst to drive your organization and team forward. 

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