August 4


Monday Motivation – Be a Beginner Every Day

2014-08-04-mm-beginner possibilities

Something to think about

Sometimes we get so bogged down with reality that we stop seeing the possibilities. Lately I’ve learned to delight in the joy of our youngest when she spots a squirrel or bird in the back yard (it happens often).

I love listening to the majestic and unfettered plans of her older siblings. They don’t see the bounds that many of us have placed on ourselves.

Sometimes what holds us back is the way we see things. Our experience, our scars, or discomfort narrows the path until we see few options.

This week, consider a reboot. In some small way — or perhaps a big, sweeping one — step back and begin again. Reconnect with the excitement. Embrace the joy. Take off the blinders and see the possibilities that lie before you.

Then act.

PS: Do let me know how it works out so we can celebrate your success together!


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