July 3

netcast for this week: I was the (surprise) guest host on the Netsec Podcast


One of the true benefits of sharing thoughts through spoken and written word is the ability to meet quality people. I thrive on conversation – especially discourse that leads to new understanding. I am a firm believer that through purposeful conversation, honest intentions and open minds we can solve a lot of challenges we face.

So when Martin McKeay and I were “chatting” online Tuesday night, he popped in with “Hey – no pressure, but do you want to cohost tonight?” It took about a minute to decide. He shared some links to stories to talk about and I took 30 minutes to read them and write down some ideas – and then boom – we recorded.

I really enjoyed the conversation and was really amped at the end. It took me a while to get ready for bed – my mind was still engaged. I hope you have a similar experience when listening!

Find the show notes here: http://netsecpodcast.com/?p=48

And the direct link to the program here: http://media.libsyn.com/media/mckeay/nsp-070108-ep110.mp3


(PS: I hope you still chose to listen to the programming on The Security Catalyst; however, somewhere in the feedchange, we seem to have confused iTunes. If it doesn’t look like we have new shows – you may want to unsubscribe and resubscribe.)



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