December 14


New Feature: Friday Fast Fact

David Stern, a regular contributor to the Catalyst, recently shared with me a practice he started using at work: a “five minute” fact explaining a popular security concept for the management team. This morning he noted that it was working and helping to get some attention… and then the light bulb went off!

We’re going to start trying to introduce a new “Friday Fast Fact” each and every Friday. Given that we’re trying to launch this in December amidst a lot of other activities and changes, it may take us a few weeks to get fully up to speed. But here’s the goal:

  • Each Friday, we will release a new “Friday Fast Fact” – a quick overview of a security concept, topic or product
  • These FFFs are released under our Creative Commons license – which means you can use this work in an non-commerical way (meaning you don’t get paid additional for our efforts, but you can certainly use them where you work to help raise awareness); all work must be attributed to the FFF author and a link provided to the Security Catalyst website.
  • Different authors will present their FFFs so we have a range of ideas, opions and topics
  • You can get in the habit of including these in status reports and other events on a regular basis for your team and organization

We’ll be starting tomorrow morning. As always, feedback is appreciated. If you have an FFF inside you that needs to be shared, send me a note:


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