December 14

Next Podcast is coming… and are you ready for the (Teach Your) Family Security Series?

I recorded a solid interview with Aleks of the Punch Scan team – going into more depth and discussing some technical details this week…. and the came down with the flu. I got my voice back today, but am heading out for a weekend trip. I’ll do my best to get the podcast posted this weekend. Might have to wait until Monday….

Next week I’ll announce the details of the (Teach Your) Family Security Series. Eight weeks of computer security basics — what you already are, or should be, teaching your family. Well, we’ll break it down for you in a way that you can give the podcast to them, or listen yourself and get some insights on how to walk family and friends through the process.

I’ve enjoyed the voting security series, and we’ll be finishing it up strong this week… and then launch into 8 weeks of focusing on family and basics.

– Michael


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