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October Update: How I’m making it even easier to get Straight Talk you need

Have you ever done something only to realize you wished you hadn’t waited so long?

We just wrapped up the first cohort of teaching the Straight Talk Framework to leaders. As I explained before, it took some trusted advisors over a year to get me to agree to offer the online program. August came and I took the leap.

Holy cow!

The course exceeded my expectations. And I have a notebook full of ideas and improvements. We now have proof of value and insights into how powerful the framework actually is. More amazing is how my transformation from reluctance to total embrace for online experiences.

The big lesson of the last few weeks?

Stop holding back.

That’s for each of us. Especially for me. I pledge to move quicker. To share more with you, faster. It might not be polished or pretty. At least not at first. I now embrace the power of just putting it out there. Inviting engagement. And sorting it out together.

This is your invitation.

Engage with me. Share your challenges and celebrate your successes. Take an active role in driving the Straight Talk Framework forward. Be the early adopter that gets more benefits and value through action.

Quick highlights

My energy is surging. Passion is pushing me forward. And I’ve got of exciting updates – and a few offers – to share with you.

Here is a quick overview, with the promise of more details over the coming days, weeks, and months.

Cohort 1 of the renamed Straight Talk Leadership Experience course wrapped. I hosted a remarkable CISO Leadership Summit in NYC. We explored using the Straight Talk Framework to solve common challenges. The energy and discussions carried on long past sundown (and dinner).

We are at an exciting time in our industry… and we’re only just beginning.

Two programs to elevate security leaders and accelerate results

These two programs are the result of conversations exploring what we need:

As part of the series of updates and improvements, I’ll share more about these programs, too. First up is working together to explore how to use Straight Talk to tackle the challenges of:

  • Alignment
  • Prioritization
  • Budget

New resources and an improved website experience

I enjoy learning about how the Straight Talk Framework helps solve problems. I love the companies realizing the approach benefits their marketing and sales. But I also know I can do better at explaining how to put the framework to work.

Here is the current road map of website improvements and new additions:

  • Better guidance on “setting up for Straight Talk” with an offer to discuss your situation
  • A free video series on answering the five questions of the Straight Talk Framework
  • A new “Foundation” resource page on value, friction, measurement, communication, and transformation 
  • Updates to the Straight Talk Framework resource page
  • A Straight Talk Showcase; real results from real people

Look for more information and announcements as I roll each of these out.

Do you want to work with me?

A common question (always welcomed) is about working with me. To be clear, I love working with people to solve problems.

  • I work with individuals, teams, and organizations.
  • I bring people together. This includes working with security leaders, executives & boards, and solution providers
  • The three core elements of any solution include: teaching, advising (applying), and coaching

Two key ways to work with me before this year is over:

Straight Talk Leadership Experience – Cohort 2

The second cohort of the leadership program launches on October 31. Check out the link for improvements. I’m excited about the no-risk “cohort carry forward” program. We also extended it out a week. It now includes weekly 1:1 private coaching sessions. Oh – and a value guarantee.

The changes mean I have to limit seats. And the price is going to increase with each cohort (with the value guarantee).

Want to get in now? Check out the VIP program. It means you save your seat and get extra benefits if you act now. Reach out if have questions and we’ll talk.

Straight Talk: Applied

The Straight Talk Framework solves problems where friction creeps in and destroys value. The best way to learn and reach more people faster is to solve a real problem. That takes the right blend of training, advising, and coaching. It gets more Straight Talk in more places faster. All while driving outcomes that increase value.

The key is applying Straight Talk to a real challenge.

Are you ready, willing, and able to focus on: alignment, prioritization, or budget?

Curious about how this would work for you? Let’s talk.

Here’s the rub: there are only 3 spots open for this program. Each with a 300% value guarantee. And the price is going up in 2017 (calibrated to value).

The weeks ahead

Expect tweaks, improvement, an writing. Some video, too. So much to share – and I can’t wait. Expect more invited conversations and a few more chances to meet in person before the year is over.

I’m just getting started. I’m glad we’re on this journey together.

PS: Did you know about the Security Catalyst Insiders Facebook groupOr the Security Catalyst Insiders Slack Team? Hit me up if you want to be part of either.

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