Good news!

You're on the list for office hours

Here's how it works

Check your email each Thursday at 2:10pm Eastern Time for a weekly reflection (The Pursuit) and your invitation to office hours for the week. 

Note: the zoom link changes each week. 

Never miss a session: protect your calendar

Use this placeholder to protect your schedule and remind you to check

the Thursday email (sent at 2:10p Eastern) for the zoom link for that week. 

Step 1

Thursday: check email

Look for the weekly reflection sent each Thursday at 2:10pm Eastern. 

Step 2

Grab the zoom link 

Near the bottom is the zoom link and calendar invite for the week

Step 3

Friday: join us!

Show up when you can - for some or all of office hours! 

How do I get ready for Office Hours?

The last thing you need during a busy week is another obligation.

When you show up, take a deep breath and keep it simple... 

Tell us something good

Reflect on the good things that happened this week and consider sharing. This is an easy and powerful way to end your week. 

Bring us your problems

We do best when we help each other solve problems - so bring yours to the group, or listen in to the challenges others are facing. 

Take your Best Next Step

By the end of office hours, sift through the ideas you picked up to distill down to your Best Next Step - something to do next week.